Early Ana

A large Kagamishi tsuba with early style hitsuana.

8.82 cm H x 0.42 cm T, hachi motif
the reverse

A very simple design that would work equally well in either orientation. It appears to me to be cast, but a previous owner’s label attributes it to ko-kinko. In some cases it can be difficult to say whether a piece is cast or carved.

Not much to see on the rim, but for the record.

And a detail view with traces of black lacquer remaining.

A similar guard with likely later modification.

source unrecorded

And a not so similar guard from Sasano-sensei’s Kagamishi book that combines similar decorative motifs.

2 thoughts on “Early Ana”

  1. Really good tsuba here, Jim. Thanks for posting it. An intriguing motif: I can’t recall seeing hachi as a motif in such early pieces before (I don’t have the Sasano book). Impressive dimensions, too. Love to see it in person if it could join you in San Francisco.


  2. Hi Jim…

    Gosh this still excites me. I remember the very large size and also that it was attributed to ko-kinko… which I believe were not this large… the last tsuba that you show has the same wasp? on it right?? a fine old tsuba indeed… would love to see this in the sun… I remember bringing it right over to you in C. … so glad that you have it…

    Thanks for posting. Stuart PS.. I do appreciate that you even say how difficult it can be at times to know from a casting or not….



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